Hey RW was born from my multi-passionate personality and my addiction to entrepreneurship. 

I HAVE HAD MANY JOBS… In fact, my friends often say ‘what haven’t you done?’– and they’re right.

I have been an actor; a PR and Influencer Manager; a social media manager; a dance teacher; a wedding planner’s assistant; in HR; a barista; a personal trainer and a yoga teacher. I have started five companies and am launching one more this spring. I have a degree in Political Science with minors in both tourism and viticulture (from Brock University, go Badgers!)– oh, and I have not one, but two yoga teaching certificates.

Hey RW has been a chance for me to be involved in multiple industries and help businesses move forward. 

In my spare time, I enjoy rock climbing; weight lifting; reading; drinking wine; camping; hiking; travel and chillin’ with my frenchie Angus– I also really love playing Magic the Gathering #nerdlyfe

For most people, their problem is they don’t know what they want to do with their lives… mine was that I wanted to do everything.

My mom always joked that I was a Renaissance Woman– multi-passionate; multi-talented and always searching for the next adventure.



INCLUDE business; travel; writing; health; yoga; animals; fitness and food.  I don’t believe that one area of our lives should be our only focus– but rather that success is measured by levelling up in all areas of our lives.

INCLUDE building a multi-million dollar empire; being on the NYT best-seller list; speaking at Alt summit; travelling to Hawaii; producing a successful podcast and deadlifting 300lbs.



a [f]ierce and multi-faceted [woman] who:

{a} refuses to be labelled

{b} recognizes her awesome potential

{c} lives passionately in all areas of her life