Hey Gorgeous RWs! 

I recently attended Alt Summit– an all women conference for bloggers and creatives and let me tell you– It was a damn dream. 

First of all, Alt takes place in Palm Springs, the dreamiest dream land there ever was. On top of it being gorgeous– it was also 32 degrees everyday, which for a girl who hates winter with everything she’s got, was amazing. 

Palm springs is a magical place where you never sweat, it’s always sunny and you literally will never run out of instagram worthy photos. I stayed at the Saguaro Palm Springs which is straight out of the 70s with its technicolour decor and neon signs. To begin with, the food at El Jefe is to die for (shrimp ceviche was my life this week) and they serve delicious coffee.  

Honestly, if I had just gone to Palm Springs for vacation, I would have been happy, but on top of being in this crazy gorgeous location, I also got to attend a week long conference with other kick ass boss babes. 

If you have been on the fence about attending Alt, let me say this. DO IT. Go forth and grab your tickets. 

Before this year, I had zero idea what Alt Summit was. One of my best friends won a scholarship and was debating if she should go or not. She texted me (hoping I would say no) and said “Hey, wanna go to Alt Summit with me?” and I said “Yes… What is it?” 

What is was, was a full week of awesomeness. There were live art installations like this GORGEOUS Frida Khlalo by UK artist Michael Corr. 

Amazing Events like the studio 54 Disco party complete with drag queens. 

And so many awesome sponsors (I drank so much LaCroix). 

I made amazing connections with the other women there. From business to simply friendship (what up Utah)– the connections made the trip so worth it. I am still going through all the business cards and swag I got from all those amazing women. 

But above all, I learned so much– I can honestly say I am still digesting everything I learned. From email automation, to responsible buying and everything in between. There truly was something for everyone. 

Alt helped me get really clear on what I want to do with Hey RW and in broader strokes, what I want to do with my life. It is amazing how sometimes all it takes is a single sentence from someone and your entire perspective on life changes. 

If you’re thinking of attending and have more questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I will be letting you in on exactly what I packed and what you should bring closer to the 2020 event! 

Are you going to ALT 2020?