Hi Friends! 

Today I am talking about one of my favourite topics- Community Management! 

What is community management? Lucky you, you can read more about it here. Ready to take it to the next level? Here are 5 ways to use community management to elevate your business during isolation. 

In the age of Amazon and Google- it is no longer enough just to have a good product or be the only offering in your area. With a few clicks we can order good products from anywhere and oftentimes, they are a lot cheaper than ordering from our local businesses. 

What will set you apart from other businesses is your ability to connect with and be a part of your community. Now more than ever, people are craving connection. In fact, people on average are spending 20% more time on social media. What does this mean?  Put simply- community management is the secret weapon your social marketing strategy should be using to elevate your business now so that when quarantine is over, you are top of mind. 

  1. Use your story to create connection:
    Five years from now, people may not remember what they bought from you- but they will remember how you made them feel. In order for customers to choose your products, it is important that they feel a connection to your story and to you. Show them that you are a part of the community– interact with other local businesses, be vulnerable about how you are handling COVID and of course, share your story. Why did you start your business and what are your passions? By showing your customers that you are, in fact, human, you establish connection– and really, that’s what social media is all about.
  2. The Trifecta – Know Like Trust:
    The way in which you respond to comments, put out content and exist in the social world establishes the Know Like Trust factor in your community. By actively engaging on socials, your community gets to know you, your personality and your values. This will resonate with the right people– in other words, the people who you want as customers (more on this later)– and they will like you. Finally, by sharing relevant content, you establish yourself as a trusted source in your industry so when the time comes for your community to purchase– you are already top of mind.

  3. Establish your business as an integral part of the community:
    It is no longer okay for companies to not be on social media. Why? This is where your community is and where they will go to sing praises as well as complaints. Engaging in reactive community management is the bare minimum of what you should be doing.  A mistake I see often is businesses who only play on their channels without proactively seeking out like minded accounts or potential influencers. COVID has given us an opportunity to up our proactive community management game– you should be spending a minimum of one hour a day  engaging with your community on their turf.   

  4. Use customer feedback to inform future content:
    Do you actually read the comments people leave on your socials, or do you just ‘like’ it and move on? Do you watch the stories of people in your community to see what they are talking about? Well, you should be. Take time to read each and every comment on your social posts and realize which ones got the best feedback. Use the insight tools on Instagram and Facebook to see which posts resonated and engaged your fans more than others. Use this data to inform your future content and put out what your community actually wants to see.
  5. Find potential collaborations in your community:
    One of my favourite topics is collaboration, and honestly collaboration goes hand in hand with community management. I am sure that you have heard of ‘influencer marketing’ well, I truly believe that Collaboration Marketing™ is the future. Go through your followers, the people who comment on your posts and posts you are tagged in. Look for content creators who have a decent following and engagement and brainstorm ways to work with them in the future. Partnering with ‘influencers’ who already use your product is more authentic AND contributes to the golden rule of Know Like Trust.    

Community Management is an integral part of any social marketing strategy and is something you should be doing for your business Every. Single. Day. It isn’t easy to build a community but I promise that the benefits are astronomical. 

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