Hey Gorgeous RWs! 

Let’s talk about the first person you hire for your business. Now I’m not talking about hiring a web designer or a freelancer, I’m talking your first ‘real’ employee. Someone who might rely on this income to pay their bills – and you might be their only source of income. Whatever the case, they are now a part of your team. 

When I talk to my clients about who they should hire, they often gravitate towards hiring someone who is exactly like them selves. This is natural, and totally what you DON’T want to do! 

Why? Because there’s already a you at your company– you don’t need a second one (unless you do, but they likely won’t be your first hire). You need someone who is going to do all the things you don’t want to, or can’t, do. They are there to fill in the gaps so you can do what you do best, be you, and get paid. 

Put it this way, if you hire another you, you’re still going to end up doing the things you don’t want to do, but now you’re going to resent your employee because they’re going to get to do all the fun stuff while you’re stuck doing all the other stuff! 

Another big thing that comes up when I talk to people about hiring someone, is that they can’t seem to find anyone who is skilled at what they need. They end up interviewing people who are exactly like them. The big reason for this, is that they are the ones writing the job description– and they write a job description that they would get excited about! Think about it, if you’re looking to hire someone that does the things you don’t want to do… you shouldn’t be writing a job description for a job you’d want. 

My suggestion is always this: Make a list of everything you don’t want to do, and I mean everything. There is your job description. Clean it up, and cut away things that aren’t relevant (no one likes paperwork) and you should be left with a job description that you find boring but that will light someone else up! 

So there you have it. One of the biggest things my clients struggle with, and how to make it a non-issue. 

Have you made your first hire? Are you currently looking for your first real employee? Let me know in the comments!